Our Solution Suite


Smart Automated Recycling Unit

A low-maintenance, solar-powered outdoor recycling unit that instantly identifies and sorts recyclable material using object recognition . The Saru unit allocates CRV (California Refund Value) directly back to the user through their method of choice.


The Saru Mobile App

Our recycling unit is complimented by a mobile application for users, allowing for convenient interface with the unit for fast and easy recycling. The app also features personal recycling history, flex rates, and a host of other deals & incentives.


The Saru Web Service 

Our clients are able to access an up-to-date device map featuring the location of each unit and with information on the remaining storage capacity of each unit. The service is packed with analytics and notifications, simplifying waste management.

Smart Automated Recycling Unit


Entirely Solar-Powered

Secure, Autonomous, and Low-Maintenance

With a solar panel capacity of ~110 W, we exceed our maximum energy consumption of all components. This includes our Raspberry Pi, Peripheral Sensors, Stepper Motor, and Touchscreen yielding usage of ~73.2 W assuming peak consumption. The unit's idle load is approximately 10-15 W. 


Cutting-Edge Speed

Fast and Reliable Object Recognition

Using our model, we had a response time from Azure of roughly 0.35s. This time is inclusive of the time it takes to upload, process, and send the result back. Our times are very uniform, with the exception of occasional outliers beyond our control (network latency, other resources having priority, etc). 


Responsive Telemetry

Sensors and Structure Promote Connectivity

By capturing images of each item recycled, we have insights into how often and what people are recycling. Using a combination of weight and height sensors, we can also individually determine the live capacity of each bin. This allows for efficient collection, by letting the maintenance staff know which bins they can skip collecting. By also saving images of rejected items, we can identify the frequency of non-recyclable material.


Leading Object Recognition

In Addition To Its Speed, SARU is Perceptive

By using Microsoft Azure’s Custom Vision, we have trained a model that accurately identifies recyclables based on the type of material (e.g. aluminum, glass, and plastic). Upon the user inserting a bottle, a picture of the recyclable will be taken, uploaded to Azure, and will then sort based on the response received.

User App

Personal Account and Data

Create a secure profile, and use your personal QR code to interact with Saru devices.

Modern Fund Transfer

Link methods such as PayPal, Venmo, or Debit accounts for cashless machine-interaction.

Charitable Giving

Log your recycling, and use flex-rates and special promotions to give CRV as you please.

Client App

Real-Time Unit Mapping

See visually where each devices geolocation is at any given time to monitor system security.

View Unit Capacity and Energy

Monitor the unit and notify local waste management automatically at full capacity.

Analytics for Campus Cleanliness

Use your new wide-array of waste management data to improve diversion rates.